There are several different types of meetings in Cub Scouts. Please view our Calendar for specific dates.

Pack Meetings

A “Pack Meeting” is all of the grade levels meeting together, from Kindergartners through Fifth-Graders. These meetings usually take place once per month at Forest Park School, and are led by the “Cubmaster”. They last about an hour. Everybody wears their uniforms. It’s fun to have all of the families together and celebrate the achievements of our scouts.

What happens at a Pack Meeting?

  • Flag ceremony
  • Acknowledging the achievements of each Den
  • A group game or special activity
  • Guest speakers
  • Wild, crazy fun

Den Meetings

Your “Den Meeting” is the group of scouts at your age level. For example, the Lions den is a group of kindergartners and the Tigers den is a group of first-graders.

Your den meets a couple times a month to work on activities that are related to a specific topic for the month, such as astronomy or map-making. At the next Pack Meeting, your Den shares details of what you have been working on.

Some den meetings are outings, such as nature hikes or museums. Other den meetings take place at the school, depending on the agenda. The Den Leaders are volunteer parents who help organize these activities, and they create the schedule for these meetings.

Pack Activities

At least once a month, our Pack arranges a special activity that anyone can participate in. Examples are sledding, fishing and community service.

Council Activities

Three Harbors Council is the BSA organization that hosts larger events for scouts in southeastern Wisconsin. Our scouts usually participate in these activities as individuals or in small groups, as a way to enhance their scouting experiences. Many council events take place at Camp Oh-Da-Ko-Ta in Burlington.