Kenosha Scout Shop

Visit the Kenosha Scout Shop to purchase uniforms, handbooks and other scouting accessories.

Kenosha Scout Shop
7500 Green Bay Road
Suite LL101
Kenosha, WI  53142 

(lower level Johnson Bank building)
Corner of Hwy 31 & Hwy 50

Check the business hours before you go!


The most important piece of the uniform is the shirt. Cub Scouts often wear their own pants or shorts. Buy a large shirt so your scout can grow into it.

Used scout uniform shirts can often be found in local discount stores. Our Pack can also help with uniform costs for those in need.

The belt is also important for K-3, because that is where you will be placing the “adventure belt loops” that your scout earns.

The hat is a nice accessory.

The staff in the Kenosha Scout Shop can help you choose the correct patches.

Miscellaneous scouting t-shirts can be found online at various sources.

Talk to your den leader about the specifics of uniforms, or ask parents in your den.

Patch Placement

This is a good visual resource:


Advancement – The progression that moves the Cub Scouts from rank to rank.

Adventure –  Adventures are “collections of themed, multidisciplinary activities representing approximately three den meetings’ worth of engaging content.” Tigers, Wolves, and Bears complete seven adventures to earn their rank badge. Webelos complete six adventures for their rank, and Arrows of Light complete five.

Arrow of Light – The highest rank a Cub Scout can achieve. The Arrow of Light (AoL) badge is the only Cub Scout badge that can be worn on the Scouts BSA uniform.

Crossover or Bridging – A Special ceremony where a AoL Cub Scout “crosses over” or “bridges” from Cub Scouts to Scouts BSA. It symbolizes the Scouts’ induction into their Scouts BSA troop.

Cubmaster – A Cubmaster is the “face” of the pack. Cubmasters help plan and carry out the Cub Scout program in his or her pack. They support and motivate den leaders and parents.

The Cubmaster serves as the emcee for pack meetings and other events. Cubmasters and pack committees work together to develop fun program ideas and activities.

Den – A den is a group of Scouts who are in the same grade. They work together to advance to the next level of Cub Scouts.

Pack – A Cub Scout pack is a collection of dens of all ranks. The pack organizes the dens, holds monthly meetings, and conducts larger events such as the Pinewood Derby or Blue & Gold banquet.

Packs belong to a community organization, such as a church or a service club, which is chartered by the Boy Scouts of America to operate the Scouting program.

Pinewood Derby – Cub Scout racing event. With help from their parents, Cub Scouts design and build a race car using a kit that contains a block of wood, plastic wheels, and axles made from nails.

Raingutter Regatta – Cub Scout racing event. For this race, Scouts build sailboats with balsa wood, a mast, a plastic sail, a plastic rudder and a metal keel.

Rank – Cub Scouts are grouped by grade or age into specific ranks. Kindergarteners are Lions, first graders are Tigers, second graders are Wolves, third graders are Bears, fourth graders are Webelos, and fifth graders are Arrows of Light. 

The Scouts work toward their rank badge throughout the year. For example, the second grader is a Wolf, but they don’t get their Wolf rank badge until they complete seven Wolf adventures.

Scouts BSA – Refers to the next level of scouting that occurs after 5th grade. Also commonly called Boy Scouts.

Webelos – This rank’s name has special meaning. It stands for WE’ll BE LOyal Scouts. Always use the S even when referring to one Webelos. So, one Webelos, not one Webelo.